Aromatherapy for the Naturalist in All of Us

Aromatherapy for the Naturalist in All of Us

May 09, 2018

Today’s hottest products generally align with one of two principles: environmental impact or ease-of-use. At Corked, we’ve pumped our energy into developing a product that covers both of those requirements, and what we’ve created is something we’re extremely proud of! Corked Natural Diffusers satisfy your craving for something that’s easy to use, while also managing to be environmentally-friendly through and through!

Traditional diffusers, as well as Corked Portable Aromatherapy diffusers, generally contain products that are difficult to recycle. Although you can recycle them, for some, it’s difficult to make it to a battery-recycling center to dispose of battery-powered devices.

For others, they’d rather not use a diffuser in any form that uses vapor as its delivery method for essential oil. We can understand that! Or, in the case of a tabletop diffuser, you might be worried about getting too much of an essential oil, and we can understand that, too.

With Corked Natural diffusers, you bypass all of those factors, and return to the “naturalist” method of aromatherapy! Because of this, they are very easy to use and understand. In order to properly use your Natural diffuser, simply apply a few drops of your selected blend to one of the cotton strips and slide the cotton into the end of the diffuser. From there, simply draw through the mouth and push the air out of your nose! You won’t notice any vapor, because there isn’t any. What you will notice, though, is there is an obvious scent and taste of the essential oil blend in your mouth and nose!

The taste you’ll experience is due to the terpenes in the oils, and those terpenes are a major part of what makes essential oils so effective! We won’t get too deep into the science of terpenes - what you need to know is that terpenes are responsible for giving plants and organic matter their distinct odors. Those terpenes are a direct byproduct of the chemical constituents of the essential oil, and when smelled or tasted, trigger the same response from the brain as diffusing a mist or vapor would!

If you’re looking for a new, highly-effective, environmentally-friendly, and easy-to-use aromatherapy product, you’ve landed in the right place. Try out a Corked Natural Diffuser, or take it an extra step and get a Natural Set which includes a Natural diffuser, cotton strips, and the oil blend of your choice!

We can guarantee you one thing, whether Natural diffusers are your new all-time favorite or not, you can be confident that your purchase will not make a negative impact on our Earth. Something to be proud of, right?

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