Can't Sleep?

Can't Sleep?

October 25, 2017

Ernest Hemingway, a true American treasure, was once quoted as saying, “I love sleep. My life tends to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?” which is a hilariously funny quote. However, what if, like me, Ernest Hemingway couldn’t sleep well? What if he really did feel like his life was falling apart while he was awake, and the anxiety from that thought was keeping him from sleeping properly?

He certainly wouldn’t be alone. In 2000, an estimated 50-60 million Americans suffered from sleep disorders, whether chronic or occasional, which raises some interesting questions. Why on Earth do we have such trouble with sleep? How can it be fixed? Let’s find out.

Insomnia is defined as - “habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep” - and as mentioned above, it affects tens of millions of people in America alone. But what causes Insomnia? Research points in the direction of anxiety and stress. We’ve talked a lot about anxiety in the past here on the Corked blog, but we haven’t exactly explored how the symptoms of anxiety can spill into the rest of your life. Quite obviously, anxiety affects sleep, and pretty drastically at that. So, through simple deductions, one would assume that the easiest way to rid yourself of sleeping issues or complications would be to rid yourself of anxiety. But, as a wise person once told me, “No thing worth having comes easy” - and getting rid of anxiety is no easy task.
However, as we talked about in our blog “Anxiety”, much like there are methods by which to complement your efforts to combat anxiety, there are also many supplemental activities that can assist you in fighting Insomnia. One of these activities is aromatherapy!

Because of the way aromatherapy works, its effect on the olfactory system can trigger a powerful response from the amygdala. Your olfactory nodes communicate directly with the emotional center of the brain, which (as we’ve already talked about) seems to be a major contributing factor in sleeplessness. If you can avoid the nightly tossing and turning and the daily fatigue that go along with Insomnia, by simply smelling something, would you? Of course you would! This is where aromatherapy can be such a powerful supplement. For example, the scent of Lavender has been known to slow down the nervous system, which relaxes your mind and body to improve sleep. Not convinced? What if I told you that Valerian essential oil can assist in the process of falling and staying asleep? Okay, now I feel it, you’re convinced it could work! Here comes the ultimate question, though, “how on Earth can I get ahold of Lavender and Valerian?” Fret no longer! I have great news for you.

There are three essential oils that take the front seat in our Trance diffuser: Sweet Marjoram, Lavender, and Valerian! So, not only can you get ahold of Lavender and Valerian, you can have both of them in one package. Oh! Not only are they in one package, it can be taken with you anywhere. Planning on going out of town and sleeping in a bed that you’re not used to? Afraid you won’t get a good night’s sleep? Don’t worry any longer - the Trance diffuser brings you one step closer to a night full of restful sleep! Head over to to learn more about our Trance diffuser, and get one for yourself!

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