Cinnamon is how we roll...

Cinnamon is how we roll...

April 18, 2018

Cinnamon is more a part of your life than you might even know, even if you are a huge fan of all things cinnamon like we are! Forget those delicious frosting-covered rolls and boxes of amazing breakfast cereal, Cinnamon is also a powerful component of Ayurvedic medicine and is even referenced in the Bible as an ingredient for holy anointing oil! What makes cinnamon one of the most popular natural flavors in the world? Let’s find out!

Dating back thousands of years, Cinnamon has played a role in both the culinary world and the medicinal world. Its usage spans much of the Eastern parts of the world, including parts of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. In the kitchen, cinnamon is used often as a spice for meat, soups, baked goods, beverages, and candies, and in the medicinal world it’s been used for colds, ‘flu, digestive problems, and as a general stimulant. Its uses are broad, but it’s a long journey from its roots to your home. Let’s travel with cinnamon through the harvesting process!

Outside of the rainy season, Cinnamon Leaf is actually harvested almost all-year-round. In order to start the harvesting and extraction process, the leaves first need to be clipped and then left to dry for a few days to reduce the time it takes to complete the distillation process. After the drying period, the leaves are introduced to a barrel-shaped wooden or metal vessel in which steam is pumped to extract the natural oils from the leaves. From there, it’s as simple as harvesting the oil from the distilled leaves, and voila! You’re left with Cinnamon Leaf essential oil, ready for aromatherapy!

Cinnamon Leaf essential oil can be used for a myriad of reasons in aromatherapy, as we mentioned above, most notably though, it’s used to fight the symptoms of infections such as colds and ‘flu! Diffusing Cinnamon Leaf essential oil, along with other oils of your choosing, can be a great way to clear up the phlegm in your chest as well as the mucus build-up from those annoying head-colds we’re all too familiar with. In addition, Cinnamon Leaf can be a powerful digestive supplement, as it can assist to regulate the pace of digestion, and can help improve the functions of the “waste removal services” we have inside our bodies (like your kidneys and liver). If you’re looking to take advantage of its digestive properties, simply dilute the oil with a carrier oil of your choosing, and rub in a circular motion around the abdomen! Finally, Cinnamon Leaf can be a wonderful stimulant to help you shake off the grogginess, or even boost your morale and confidence in times that you’re in need!

At Corked, we use Cinnamon Leaf essential oil in our Ecstacy diffuser as well as our Ecstacy essential oil blend. As you know, Ecstacy was developed to help you feel more confident, calm down, and feel more like yourself. Upset stomach before a date? No problem, use your Ecstacy diffuser to calm your stomach and ease your anxiety. Big presentation at work this afternoon, AND you decided on a burrito for lunch? First of all, why choose the burrito today? Nevermind that, actually, just diffuse some of our Ecstacy essential oil into your office beforehand, and you may just find the confidence you need to succeed!

Check out Ecstacy and all of our other blends at Corked, and see for yourself the power of natural remedies and essential oils!

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