Do What’s Right For You

Do What’s Right For You

September 07, 2017

Essential oils are powerful tools when used in the proper context, but how do you know what’s right for you?

We see a lot of conversations on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram discussing the differences and benefits of topical application of oils vs. using diffusers for aromatherapy. Much of the information that we read is great, but there is definitely information floating around that can be untrue or misleading, so we wanted to clear some things up!

As with pretty much anything in life, essential oils can be used in many different ways, and each method can lead to different results. Many people, in search of holistic methods to treat a variety of symptoms, turn to essential oils as a remedy, but unless you’re using them in a way that aligns with your desired outcome you may not achieve the results you anticipated.

In many cases, we’ve seen arguments that topical application of EO’s (like using lotions and creams) is the “only way to go”. In more specific arguments, we’ve read claims that diffusing essential oils leads to little or no effect, and topical application is the only method that will help people. This claim is simply untrue. In fact, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, this advice can lead to unwanted adverse effects.

Purely based on how the body functions, topically applying an oil or blend of oils can be helpful in combating physical ailments like lesions on the skin or muscle pain. For that reason, many massage therapists choose to use EO’s in their massage oils to further induce relaxation of the muscles! That’s just an example of how topical application is used, but it’s a powerful reminder that EO’s can be very helpful to your physical being. However, in regards to affecting mood - like calming the mind or relaxing before sleep - inhalation is a much more effective method due to how the brain reacts to sensory information.

While using oils directly on the skin can be helpful to the physical symptoms you may be experiencing, the sensory nodes in your mouth and nose are more directly tied to the functions of the limbic system than the skin is. Your limbic system hosts the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain, which reacts to changes in environment and sensory triggers. Many essential oils carry traits that trigger an emotional response from the amygdala, that’s why you may notice that you feel different after smelling something like a candle or flowers! This also explains why you may have heard that putting drops of oil in your hands and then sniffing your hands can be calming. Diffusers act in this fashion, which is precisely the reason they are so popular!

Unfortunately for diffusers, the world is moving much quicker than it once was. Okay, it’s not literally moving quicker, but our lives are more dictated by instant gratification than ever before. For that reason, it’s becoming more and more difficult to make the time sit down at home and turn on your tabletop diffuser for an aromatherapy session. This is where the Corked Portable Diffuser comes into play. Rather than struggling with a busy schedule or being tied to the stationary act of diffusing in your home, we found it incredibly beneficial to take that technology with us as we experience the world. Now, no matter where you are, you have access to the benefits of aromatherapy. Whether you’d like to use Meditate before your yoga class, Refresh after a long run, or Alive after your lunch break, there’s a time and place for aromatherapy in your day; that’s why we believe so firmly in our diffusers. They really do make aromatherapy more accessible and convenient than ever before.

To conclude, essential oils can be powerful tools for many aspects of life, but it’s how you use them that will make the real difference. It all depends on what you’re looking for out of aromatherapy; your personal preferences should dictate your actions, not a comment on Facebook.

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