Essential Oils for a Rainy Day

Essential Oils for a Rainy Day

October 10, 2018

Looking to make plans? Sometimes, the weather makes your plans for you. When Mother Nature decides to bestow a rainy day upon you and your neighbors, it’s time for essential oils! “Why?” you ask, well, because there’s always a time for essential oils and a rainy day just might be the best time!

Part of the reason rainy days make you sluggish and somber is because of the lack of sunlight; we all know that. However, another part of the reason is that rain appeals to our emotions. Ever notice that when it’s sunny out you can’t help but be happy? And when it rains, you can’t help but feel a little down? That’s normal! Don’t run away from that feeling. In fact, unless otherwise advised by your doctor, I would encourage you to hold some appreciation for those moody moments.

Our emotions are incredibly important. You’ve heard it here before, and very influential psychologists speak about this all the time, but one of the most important things about expressing emotions is to embrace everything you feel. While you shouldn’t spend time basking in sadness, it’s really valuable to embrace the feeling, know the feeling, and then learn to value the feeling of being sad. In a way, it makes those happy moments just that much more valuable, too.

Regardless, today’s blog is not about being sad and embracing sadness, it’s about how to turn those moments when you’re feeling emotional or vulnerable into a situation that you can learn to be comfortable! Our recommendation for practicing this is to use very fragrant essential oils and to surround yourself with “comfort tricks”. I can promise you this, if you follow our “Rainy Day Recipe”, you’ll learn to long for rainy days! :) Now, let’s get into it!

First, it’s time to get cozy! Get rid of the pants and shirt, and get into some sweats and a cozy sweater! Next, Find your favorite blanket and get the fireplace going. You’ll want to do this asap, trust me. I mean, who wants to wait to cuddle up with a blanket by the fire? If there’s a fire around, I’m parking myself right next to it! Before you sit down, though, grab a good book and a bottle of Lavender essential oil and some Aromatic Sand. Drop around 10-15 drops of Lavender into the sand, shake it gently, and curl up.

You’ll soon be surrounded by the smell of lavender, accompanied by the roasting smell of the fire, all glued together by a warm blanket and a great book. Your rainy day just went from Nay to Yay!

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