Essential Oils: The Future of Personal Care

Essential Oils: The Future of Personal Care

June 28, 2018

While essential oils have been used as natural remedies for thousands of years in many different cultures, there’s been a recent surge in the use of essential oils among the general public: that’s great news for all essential oil users!

As essential oils become more mainstream, they will become more accessible, and the quality of essential oil products will continue to improve. On top of that, we hope to see that essential oils will continue to be studied and we will find there are even more effective ways to use them. After all, if someone you trusted, like your doctor, told you that you could replace one of your medications with essential oils, would you? I know I would! With that said, today we’re going to go over why, in our opinion, essential oils might be the future of personal care.

One of the industries that essential oils have begun to dominate over the last couple of years is the beauty industry. Studies on the effects of beauty products on the skin have revealed several toxins in many of the industry-leading products, which came as a shock to a lot of people. In response to those studies, many people began to move away from their traditional beauty products like lotions and cleansers into natural essential oils like Lavender and Jasmine. As the consumers of the beauty product industry began to move away from the products they’d been using for years, the beauty industry took notice. Nowadays, just a few years after the changes began to take place, beauty companies are creating more natural products that include essential oils in them! This is the kind of change we’re talking about. The consumers are speaking, and the industries are hearing them!

Another realm that seems to have begun moving in the more “natural” direction is the home-care industry! Many folks use candles and other scented products to spice up the air in their home. However, as it turns out, some candles just aren’t that good for the air you breathe. Even worse, aerosols can be horrible for your lungs and can actually increase the chemicals per square foot in the air in your home. Not cool. In response to this, many essential oil users have begun making their own candles using their essential oils! You can’t spend more than 5 minutes on Pinterest these days without seeing a “Ways to Make Your Own Candles” post! The good news about this is there’s a distinct movement away from unnatural chemicals in the candle industry. Although candles are the make-or-break of our economy, it’s still a major industry. There’s a lot of companies making candles, and they’re seeing their consumers are more interested in a natural product. In response to this, many candle and scent companies are beginning to move further away from using unnatural chemicals in their recipes, and are turning to things like essential oils and beeswax to make their candles!

These are just two examples of how the switch to natural remedies has already made an impact on consumer industries, but I believe it will one-day go much further than this. As we’ve mentioned in the past, the real efficacy of essential oils is in their potential for replacement therapy. Consumers are constantly looking for a better product than the one they have, but the idea of a “better product” has a new meaning today than it did 50 years ago. Today, what are considered “better products” are generally more naturalcost-effectiveve, and easy to use. That’s where essential oils come in. You can purchase a half-dozen bottles of essential oils, and use those oils in a myriad of ways before they run out. Rather than buy a pill for this, a candle for that, and a lotion for another thing, you can take care of all three with one product. That is where essential oils are going to grow. Once the majority of consumers are aware that there’s a natural remedy to the problem they have, and that the natural remedy can also be used to accomplish other things, they’re going to begin purchasing those remedies. The industry will take note, adjust their offerings, and eventually, everyone and their grandmother are going to be using essential oils.

Okay, that’s a pretty ‘absolute’ way of thinking, and it’s obviously just an opinion, but I really believe this is what will begin to happen. People are becoming more health and environmentally conscious every single day, and essential oils stand to benefit from that transformation in consciousness.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog! Have a great day!

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