5 Essential Oil Blends to Use at Your Holiday Parties!

5 Essential Oil Blends to Use at Your Holiday Parties!

October 17, 2018

Part of the anxiety of hosting a party or gathering is worrying about any potential house-odors were forgotten before your guests arrive. During this year’s Holiday season, avoid that anxiety and freshen up your home with essential oils! Whether it’s a dinner party or a full-on bash, you’ll be able to actually enjoy your guests this time around, which is what a party is all about. In today’s blog, we’ll cover our favorite essential oils to use at Holiday parties, and tell you just how to use them! Without further ado, let’s begin!

  1. Alive Essential Oil - The perfect blend of smells to put smiles on your guests’ faces, Alive essential oil features a combination of citrus oils as well as oils derived from spices like Ginger and Cinnamon leaf. While adding these soothing and warm aromas to the atmosphere of your home, Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree will help to make the room feel more vibrant and, well, Alive!
  2. Ecstacy Essential Oil - Having a small group over for a quiet dinner gathering? Use our Ecstacy essential oil in a dish of Aromatic Sand at the dinner table to help boost your (and your guests’) confidence while also helping to relax anxiousness. Whether you’re meeting new people, or seeing old friends, you’ll be thankful to have a pleasant and inviting aroma to join you in your festivities.
  3. Meditate Essential Oil - The vibrant, yet calming, aroma of Meditate essential oil is the perfect scent to have in your bathroom while you’ve got a party going in your house. You might not like to admit it, but having people over means more people using the bathroom. Rather than having each visitor spraying something from their purse or whatnot, take care of the bathroom smells ahead of time with a dish of Aromatic Sand and around 15 drops of Meditate. Your bathroom will smell great!
  4. Refresh Essential Oil - You’ve probably got relatives or friends with allergies to coniferous plants, I know I do. Rather than have a guest struggle with a stuffy nose or cough due to Holiday decorations like garlands and wreaths, or worse yet, the big tree in the living room, diffuse some Refresh essential oil in the gathering areas to mitigate some of the stuffiness-causing allergens.
  5. Trance Essential Oil - Winding down after a party can be super tough. You just had a wonderful night, and now you’ve got to get to bed. Don’t toss and turn; get a good night’s rest with Trance essential oil! Simply drip a few drops onto your pillowcase or even drip a few drops in with your unscented detergent in the laundry to surround yourself with the calming and sleep-inducing aromas of Sweet Marjoram and Copaiba!

There you have it! Drop the stress and anxiety by getting your home ready for the Holiday party season with essential oils!

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