Life Hacks 2.0 - Energy Without Dehydration

Life Hacks 2.0 - Energy Without Dehydration

June 06, 2018

Summer has arrived, and that means days and evenings spent outside walking around, hiking, playing, or just relaxing in the sun. As important as it is to get yourself some Vitamin D and fresh air, it’s equally important to stay hydrated and take care of your muscles and joints. While you’re outside burning energy, you’re also burning through water and doing that can create lasting joint stiffness and muscle soreness. As you get more sore and dehydrated, you’ll get increasingly tired and will be tempted to have an iced coffee or an energy drink to get a boost of energy. Unfortunately, caffeine can further dehydrate you and leave you feeling worse than before, but just more awake. Today, we’ll talk about our workaround to this situation and how you can get your hands on it!

We recently introduced the Mix of the Month diffuser, energy, which contains Orange, Lime Peel, Peppermint, and Thyme. Each of these essential oils can be a great remedy for many different issues, and when used together, they do a wonderful job of boosting energy and calming joint and muscle pain. That’s why we’ve been using it on our long days outside! While we’re still drinking a ton of water to stay hydrated, we’ve noticed that we’re not getting as tired from sitting in the sun, and on top of that, the Peppermint and Thyme have helped to alleviate some of our allergy symptoms! While the Orange and Lime Peel are great for relieving muscle pain and swelling, they’re both great for easing a sore throat and can help to fight fungus and bacteria, which can come in handy if you’re spending time outdoors!

The beauty of energy might be in the blend itself, but it’s the practicality that makes it so special! Rather than carry around 4 separate essential oil bottles, or one bottle that you have to carefully use while you’re out and about, your diffuser will just keep it all in one place! While you’re out, it’s so much easier to just slide your diffuser out of your pocket or pack, tag a few drags, put it back, and get back to living your life!

Head over to the product page to get an energy diffuser for yourself and notice right away the difference in bringing essential oils with you on your journey through life!

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