LifeHacks 1.0: Mix Of The Month

LifeHacks 1.0: Mix Of The Month

March 28, 2018

The Corked® Mix of the Month diffuser is one of the most popular products we offer - our customers simply love the ability to try a Mix Your Mood® diffuser without having to come up with a recipe of their own!

So, you’re interested in a Mix of the Month diffuser, too? But, you’re looking for last month’s recipe and not this month’s? No problem - this little trick will make that possible for you!

If you make your way over to our Mix of the Month product page, you’ll notice near the bottom of the product description there’s a line of text that reads, “To check out our past mix of the months click here.” If you click on the words Click Here, you’ll be redirected to the index of Mix of the Month recipes that we’ve used in the past! Each recipe shows you the oils that we used, and explains a bit about what each oil is meant for in the blend. You’ll notice that one of the blends, “Goodness”, contains only 3 essential oils. The reason behind that is that “Goodness” contains 2 parts Lemon essential oil. If you’re interested in recreating “Goodness”, you’ll just need to make sure you include Lemon twice.

As far as making these old recipes into a new Mix Your Mood® for yourself, just use each of the oils you see listed below the name, and the end product will come out exactly as the Mix of the Month would!

As always, keep your eyes peeled at the beginning of each month for the new month’s Mix of the Month, but you can always revert back to a mix that you really enjoyed by creating the recipe for yourself at our Mix Your Mood page!

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