Living Healthy Highlight - Chelsea Chickadee

Living Healthy Highlight - Chelsea Chickadee

January 11, 2018 is Thursday...not Wednesday, but we do have an awesome Blog for you all today! It’s the second week of the Month, meaning it’s time for the Living Healthy Highlight! On the second Wednesday (usually) of each month, we highlight a person or channel that’s reviewed Corked and is dedicated to wellness or expression of self - both are HUGE parts of Living Healthy!

This month, we’re featuring a new face to Corked! We saw her review and were so flattered and blown away by the quality of her content, we couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you! Her name is Chelsea Chickadee (that’s her YouTube name) and her YouTube channel and Instagram are both really cool. She posts about her tattoos and other body mods, living well, fashion, nature (her photos are AMAZING), and even does the occasional Vlog! Actually, she just started a Vlog channel, you should check that out too!

Here’s the link to Chelsea’s Review of Corked - you should definitely check it out, and hit that subscribe button while you’re at it! In the video, Chelsea goes over just about every single detail imaginable about Corked, from how to use our diffusers, to what’s in them, even as far as which oils she could recognize while using each of the blends! If you’re looking for answers to your questions, or just want to watch a positive, peppy, and happy face talk about Corked, her video is a great place to start. One thing we’d like to mention, too, is that Chelsea did this review on her own. We didn’t send her anything - so the review is a really honest opinion of the diffusers!

Thank you, Chelsea, for doing the review! If YOU would like to be featured in the Living Healthy Highlight, you can increase your chances by reviewing your Corked diffusers on any platform that you see fit! Who knows, you might be featured next month!
As always, head on over to to check out our blends and experience Corked first-hand!

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