Living Healthy Highlight: How Aromatherapy Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

Living Healthy Highlight: How Aromatherapy Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

November 08, 2017

Aromatherapy has been used by millions of people for thousands of years to accomplish a variety of goals. Nowadays, aromatherapy is most often used as a means of preventative care - rather than treat illnesses exclusively with traditional medicine, the idea is to help your body cope with them through holistic practice. This blog will share some brief insight into aromatherapy, as well as some tips and pointers for getting started!

Aromatherapy, by definition, uses plant materials and plant oils, like essential oils, for improving psychological or physical well-being. Often, aromatherapy is used as a complementary therapy in combination with other forms of treatment to supplement the relief of symptoms and ailments. Although aromatherapy hasn’t been proven to cure disease as a standalone treatment, many practitioners of the therapy have found that it can be a very effective method of additional treatment. For example, a bulging or fragmented disc between your spinal vertebrae can only be properly fixed through surgery, but the treatment process can be smoother, more comfortable, and faster with regular massages using essential oils on the affected area! But, how does someone get started in aromatherapy? Great question!

Your first step is identifying a need. What are you looking to accomplish? Do you have muscle aches and pains? Are you having trouble sleeping? Feeling tired or groggy in the morning? Each of those symptoms is subject to different methods of treatment, much as they would be in a traditional medical sense. In the case of determining what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll be better off getting started in aromatherapy than you would by simply jumping two-feet in.

Once you’ve figured out what you’re looking to accomplish, you can begin deciding what essential oils are right for you. For example, if you’re experiencing those same muscle aches and pains we mentioned earlier, Eucalyptus might be a great oil to start with! Or, if you’re in need of a better night’s rest, Lavender could be the way to go.

Once you’ve identified what you’re looking for, the following step is about choosing your method of delivery. Many people struggle with the idea of purchasing a diffuser, separate oils, a carrier oil, and whatever else they feel they might need in order to begin their aromatherapy practice. This is where non-traditional methods of delivery can become very useful. Our Portable Aromatherapy Diffusers, for example, are a great way to sneak in some aromatherapy during a busy schedule. A lot of people don’t have the time, let alone the money, to get a massage every week. Nor do they have the energy or desire to set up an at-home aromatherapy station. Our diffusers are perfect for situations like these, as well as anyone who’s looking to try aromatherapy for the first time!

All-in-all, aromatherapy can be a very effective supplement to your daily routine when you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle. If aromatherapy is something that interests you, a great place to begin would be It’s as easy as that.

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