Peppermint is always a winning choice

Peppermint is always a winning choice

June 26, 2019

Whether you're new to essential oils or if you're a seasoned veteran, you can always benefit from using Peppermint essential oil in your daily regimen! No matter the ailment or concern, there's a pretty high likelihood that Peppermint can help; today, we're going through our best-uses for Peppermint essential oil!

1. Allergy and Sinus Relief

Often, allergies and sinus infections (or general congestion) can inhibit you from feeling your best and living your best life. Completely understandable! In fact, studies have shown that a simple cold can actually affect your cognitive function well -after the symptoms feel like they've gone away! For that reason, it's ultra-important to get on top of your symptoms and start tackling that congestion right away. Now, this is no substitute for visiting your primary care doctor, in fact, before you do anything with essential oils, it's best to address those symptoms with your doctor to make sure they're getting you the correct medications right-off-the-bat. 

However, once you've gotten that treatment regimen started, you can start diffusing some Peppermint essential oil to open up those sinuses and get rid of some of that congestion! It works wonders, trust us.

2. Sunburn Relief

Mix some Peppermint oil with a carrier oil like Almond or Grape Seed and you'll feel the cooling effects right away! A lot of the time, sunburn isn't just an irritation of the skin or inflammation, it's also a sign that your skin is very dry and is in need of moisture. Well, Peppermint essential oil can counteract both of those things! With its cooling and calming feel, it can reduce the irritation, but it also helps to draw moisture into the skin when applied, so you can help your skin to heal faster and remain moisturized!

3. Bug Repellant! 

Bet you didn't know this one, but, it's true! Peppermint essential oil is an amazing bug repellant thanks to the constituents of the oil. As long as you're using pure oil, mixed with some water, spraying it on your shirt or in your general area can not only help to repel bugs, but it also doesn't expose you to DEET, which we know is not healthy for you.

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