S. sclarea: A Natural Cleanser

S. sclarea: A Natural Cleanser

December 27, 2017

The name Clary Sage derives from the Latin word sclarea which translates to clair in French, or in English, clear. “Clear” Sage has been renowned by clerics and practitioners of natural medicine for thousands of years, as it is second-to-none among all essential oils at cleansing the body.

Part of what gives Clary Sage such a wonderful reputation is its versatility in the world of natural medicine. Although nothing in this realm can be proven as scientific fact, Clary Sage is believed to be the perfect remedy for an abundance of ailments including cleaning your eyes, reducing spasmodic occurences in the respiratory system, preventing sepsis in open wounds and internal infections, reducing digestive discomfort, and regulating menstruation patterns. Not only does Clary Sage present itself as a potent treatment option for physical ailments, it can have a wonderful effect on the mind and spirit as well! The natural constituents of Clary Sage can promote a sense of calm and can lift your mood to ease symptoms of depression. In addition, Clary Sage can be used as an aphrodisiac to help put you “in the mood” - if you catch my drift.  

History shows us that Clary Sage was used and written about by scholars dating as far back as Ancient Greece, lending further to the claims promoting it as a historic natural medicine. It is believed that Clary Sage was first cultivated in Europe, but it is now growing throughout the world. That rapid expansion can be attributed to its growing patterns, as Clary Sage is closer to a weed than it is a flowering perennial plant. As a biennial, it flowers twice a year (on average) and sprouts through the root systems it’s already grown, meaning, like a weed it can grow and pollinate very quickly. In addition, Clary Sage does not require nutrient-rich soil to thrive, and does not need abundant water to stay hydrated. It really is an impressive plant!  

Clary Sage can be found in our Meditate blend, so if you’re looking to give it a try you can start there! However, we would also recommend checking out our Mix Your Mood diffuser so you can make a blend of your own that contains Clary Sage! It goes very well with Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Frankincense (hint, hint) if you’d be interested in going that route.

Overall, we would definitely recommend adding Clary Sage to your daily essential oil regimen, as it is filled with incredible constituents that can be great for a variety of remedies. See for yourself! Give it a shot!

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