Snag a Slice of Life!

Snag a Slice of Life!

May 02, 2018

It won’t be long before the weather is beckoning you outdoors and you’re not even worried about getting a sunburn. It won’t be long before you forget what it’s like to wear a winter coat and pretend you’re in the Caribbean while you’re at the bus stop. Summer is right around the corner, and I mean, right around the corner, so now is the time to prepare!

Part of preparing for summer is setting aside dates for vacation and weekends away. Another part is making sure to experience those “summer-only” activities you’ve been waiting for for months. Amidst all of that though, the part I long for most is where things are just calm. And quiet. And relaxed. I miss relaxing in the summer, and with summer so close on the calendar, I can’t help but reminisce about all of those nights I like to spend out on a walk in the park or sitting on the porch in absolute peace. Part of that peace comes from the sensory signals that summer triggers every time it comes around. The sound of children’s laughter, the warm and comfortable tinge of burn you get from sitting in the sun for just a bit too long, and the sight of smiles and memories being made. Summer is a delightful time of year, and it’s an exceptional time for aromatherapy.

Much like the benefits of mindful practice like meditation, the activities of summer are really, really good for your body and mind. But, what if you could take that even a step further? What if you introduced a new activity into your summer days and evenings that helped you to feel even more refreshed than normal? Would you do it? I know I would! Heck, I’d do it twice!

Well, that is what we bring you today! After careful consideration and thoughtful planning, we’ve found what we believe to be the perfect essential oil for the Mix of the Month. It’s aptly named Slice, and it includes a combination of Orange, Bitter Orange, Mandarin, and Ginger. The sweet citrus burst of Orange and Mandarin combine perfectly (and not surprisingly) with Bitter Orange, which brings just the perfect touch of sour to the already fruitful mix. To top it off, the gentle and inviting spice of Ginger brings it all together and takes this blend to the next level. Use Slice at any time while you’re out and about, and notice the instantly-refreshing and complex flavor, combined with the chemical constituents of some of the most widely-used essential oils during this time of year. What you’re left with is a blend that can only be truly experienced through trial!

Give it a shot today and start your summer off on the right foot! After all, you only have a few months before it turns back into a frozen wasteland, and as awesome as that sounds, it might be nice to get a sunburn instead of frostbite for a change.

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