Tips to Travel With Corked and What to Bring With You

Tips to Travel With Corked and What to Bring With You

May 30, 2018

So, you’ve got a flight to catch and you’re packing your Corked diffusers, but you’re unsure how to pack them properly? Let’s say you know how to pack them, but you’re having a tough time choosing which diffusers and essential oils to bring with on your trip. In either case, you’ve arrived at the right place! In today’s blog, we’ll go over how to travel with Corked, and what to bring with to make sure you’ve got all you need on vacation!

When it comes to flying with your diffusers, you’ll want to make 100% certain that you bring them in your carry-on luggage. Due to the construction of the diffusers, they are not allowed in Checked-baggage because the luggage cabin below the plane is pressurized. In a pressurized setting, battery-powered devices have the potential to fail and can end up causing problems during the flight. So, in an effort to protect passengers, their luggage, and the aircraft, airlines only permit travel with devices like our diffusers in your carry-on. Make sure that if you’re bringing diffusers, they go in a small plastic baggy, much like when you’d travel with liquids. Speaking of which, if you’re instead travelling with bottles of essential oils, make sure that you’re putting those bottles in a plastic bag as well. Airline security permits liquids on flights as long as they are in a plastic bag and the bottle doesn’t exceed 8 ounces. As long as you follow these guidelines, you should be A-okay to travel with your Corked products. However, we always encourage those of you with further questions to visit the TSA website to get the answers you’re looking for straight from the source!

Now that you know how to pack your Corked products for on your flight, it’s time to decide what you’re going to bring! Obviously, personal preference is the biggest factor in choosing what you’ll bring. In no way is this list a “must-do” or “follow to-the-T” kind of scenario. However, if you’d like some guidance or suggestions, we encourage you to browse what we’ve come up with!


This essential oil finds its way into nearly every “list” we’ve come up with, and for good reason! Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils on Earth, and in the case of travel, it can be a fantastic companion! Many of us, myself included, get very nervous on flights (especially before take-off and landing) and Lavender can be a great remedy for your aggravated nerves during that process. If you’d like to use it on the plane, simply put a few drops on your neck-pillow, blanket, or even on your hands, so you can take a deep breath of the aroma. You’ll notice the calming effect right away! In addition, once you’ve landed, Lavender can be a great way to ensure you sleep well in your hotel bed, and it can be a great way to calm the effects of sunburn or sore joints after a long day on vacation! The uses are seemingly limitless, so if you’re looking for an oil to bring, Lavender should be on your list.


Once you’ve made your way from the airport to your destination, Alive can really come in handy. For instance, sometimes that Hotel room that looked great online forgot to include that it doesn’t smell very pleasant. Not cool. And kind of gross. And, also, not that uncommon! Here’s a little trick to get rid of that unpleasant odor! You’re going to need to use the hotel shower, and make sure that the drain is plugged. Start by putting a handful of drops on the bathtub floor, and then turn the shower on so it’s hot, but not too hot. Leave the door to the bathroom open, and let the shower run for around 10 minutes. Once you’ve done that, shut the water off, and let the steam and scent ruminate throughout the bathroom and into the rest of the room! After that time, unplug the drain to the bath and let the water drain out. Make sure before you shower or bathe the next time that you’ve checked to make sure the tub isn’t too slippery from the oils. If it is a bit slick, you can just use a hand towel from the room to wipe down the base of the tub and that should do the trick! In addition to making your room smell nice, Alive is a great diffuser and oil to use right after hopping out of your hotel bed! You’ve probably got quite the day planned, so using Alive to boost your energy in the morning is the perfect way to get after the day!


After you’ve spent a long day exploring or even relaxing in the sun, it’s important to treat your body right. Drink a lot of water, eat some food and get your vitamins, and use your Refresh diffuser? That’s right! The constituents in Refresh essential oil can allow for faster and more efficient nutrient absorption which can help you to recover from losing fluids throughout the day from sweat, and can also help to calm your aching muscles and joints for the same reason! In addition, Refresh can be a great massage oil for at the end of the day! If you’ve got your bottle of Refresh, simply add a few drops to a carrier oil and apply to the affected areas for a calming, cooling, and “refreshing” (see what we did there) effect!

These tips are obviously just suggestions, and the right thing to do before making the decision for yourself is to do your research, and in necessary cases, seek the advice of your primary care physician! We hope you enjoyed today’s blog, and we hope you enjoy your trip! Until next time...

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