Well, It’s About Darn Thyme

Well, It’s About Darn Thyme

March 14, 2018

You’re used to seeing it in your kitchen, I’m sure, but did you know that Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) has been used as a remedy for many ailments for thousands of years in both the Mediterranean and India? How? Why? Let’s get to it!

Often, traditional remedies like Thyme are used in multiple cultures that span the globe and much of that has to do with the availability of these natural resources. In the case of Thyme, because it is both perennial and requires minimal upkeep to grow, it prospered throughout the world in similar climates. This made it widely available to multiple cultures at the same time, even though such cultures had limited interaction with one another or none at all. In turn, the method for using plants like Thyme in medicinal practice was vastly different from each other even though they were often applied to accomplish a common goal.

In the case of Thyme, fighting infections was the primary reason for use, while it was also used as an expectorant, tonic, anti-anxiety remedy, and stimulant. The constituents of Thyme and Thyme essential oil allow for the plant matter to be easily converted in making the essential oil, while it can also be used in its raw form for similar effects. Obviously, as with all essential oils, the concentration of constituents is much higher in Thyme essential oil than it is in the plant matter. However, in the ancient cultures I discussed above, Thyme was often burned as an incense or ground into a granular powder and added to a carrying fluid like water to be consumed for treatment.

Today’s world has made access and production of essential oils much easier for anyone with an internet connection. Because of this, worldwide consumption has skyrocketed in the past handful of decades, especially in the West. Although it’s been used for much longer than just a few decades in Western culture, it was often used only in the kitchen. This transition in use has also created a much larger demand for Thyme, and it’s forced its way into the cosmetics and healthcare industries as a natural supplement, not to mention it smells lovely and is used quite frequently in soaps for just that reason!

If you’re looking to curb the symptoms of your allergies this coming season, or if you’ve got a cold and cough combo that just won’t leave you alone, you might look to Thyme as the answer! In addition, Thyme essential oil can be used in a myriad of ways to help reduce stress, including as a massage oil for your muscles, and as an antidepressant in vapor form! Give it a try with our Alive essential oil or an Alive diffuser! After all, it’s about darn Thyme you got rid of that cold and got back to feeling like your best self.

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