What Can Essential Oils Do for Me?

What Can Essential Oils Do for Me?

June 12, 2017

According to data provided in an article by Essential Oils Academy titled, “HISTORY OF ESSENTIAL OILS”, the earliest notable evidence of the usage of essential oils happened around 3000-2500 B.C..

You read that correctly, B.C.. For thousands of years, human beings have been taking advantage of the natural healing remedies that can be found in a plethora of plant-life, and the use of such remedies has taken the world by storm, yet again, in the last century.

The use of essential oils for medicinal purposes is focuses on a holistic approach, rather than centering on specific organs or parts of the body. This is part of what makes essential oils such a powerful medicinal tool. In part, it’s due to the proven effect that such remedies can have on thought patterns and hormone levels, but more specifically, it’s the wide array of remedies that each oil can provide that really makes them special. For example, Peppermint has been known to increase alertness, but it is also used for digestive tract issues, headaches, and respiratory function. All that, just from simply sniffing Peppermint oil. Oddly enough, the sour scent of Lemon extract has been used, and tested, as a means of boosting happiness levels in patients using antidepressants. You don’t need to be sick or bedridden to take advantage of the vastly positive effects you can see from using essential oils, they’re there for all times of day and walks of life.

Holistic medicine is powerful for a few reasons, but it’s primarily for the “preventative maintenance” factor that makes holistic practice so effective. While you can use many of the available oils for treating cold and flu symptoms (as well as other illnesses), using essential oils daily can assist with regulating hormones and, more importantly, build your immune system to prevent such illnesses. Using combinations of essential oils that include oils such as Eucalyptus, Ginger, Peppermint, or Lemon can all assist in building immune system function. On top of being great for your immune system and being great for fighting cold and flu symptoms, another incredible benefit of essential oils is that they can improve the health of the largest organ in your entire body. Your skin.

That’s right, your skin is the largest organ in your entire body! If you already knew that, thumbs up to you, but if not, it’s kind of shocking to learn, isn’t it? Anyway, it’s true that essential oils can be one of, if not the, most powerful tool for skin health, and here’s why: Versatility. Remember all of those “3 Steps to Clear Skin” and “Apply Once Per Day for Fantastic Results!” skin care products? Do you know why they work? Essential oils. It’s the inclusion of essential oils in many of these products that make them effective remedies for things like acne and dry skin care.

Essential oils are everywhere, and when used correctly, can improve quality of life in many ways. Now you can take them with you on every journey, and have access to lifetimes of proven health benefits in the palm of your hand. All that, just by using your Corked Portable Essential Oil Diffuser.

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