Why Corked?

Why Corked?

May 24, 2017

When our company was in its infant stages, we worked without a name. It was the idea of sharing our love and passion for aromatherapy that drove us to begin this journey, but we hadn’t yet thought of what to call ourselves.

It wasn’t until we had already begun the process of developing recipes and blends for our essential oils that the name dawned on us. All of the bottles of essential oils that we had been using had a cork instead of a cap. It was almost an “Aha!” moment, like, “This is what we are!”

We immediately began researching cork, and we learned so much about this incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly product. Most products that come from trees require that the tree be cut down in order to be harvested, however, that is not the truth with cork. In order to harvest cork, one only needs a strip of bark from a cork tree. Cork trees are not cut down for harvest; how neat is that?! This was the foundation we used to begin calling our company Corked. We could trust that by using cork instead of traditional packing material that we were not causing damage to the environment, and that we were further empowering an industry that is rooted in sustainability. According to an article by Wining Ways, “Cork trees are never cut down for harvest, and they live for more than 200 years. It takes 25 years for a new tree to see its first harvest, and cork is the only tree that regenerates its stripped bark.” In learning this, we were only further encouraged to pursue using cork as our packing material.

By pairing our love for aromatherapy and essential oils, and the use of a biodegradable and sustainable product, we knew we were on track to make a real difference in the lives of our customers. Corked, our company, stands for becoming one with nature and using Earth’s blessings as a means to facilitate a healthier, happier future for the world. It doesn’t take much to spring an idea into action, but with methodical practice and mindful action we have circumvented the traditional business plan by coming to market with an already sustainable model. Our goal is to support the entities on all fronts of our business practice, on the development side, we’ve established a foothold in environmentally friendly packaging and packing material, and on the customer side, we use only organically grown essential oils that we can trust to be the perfect fit.

We’re so excited for what the future holds for our company, and we can’t wait to embark on this journey with you, our Corked family!

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