You Don’t Need To Brew To Feel Like New: Who Knew?

You Don’t Need To Brew To Feel Like New: Who Knew?

December 01, 2017

The Star of today’s blog is (probably) something that you’re very familiar with. In fact, it might even be your remedy of choice to help you wake up each morning. That’s right, within a very short period of time, Corked will be featuring something brand new: Roasted Coffee Essential Oil! “Why?” you might ask; well, let’s get into it.

Coffee contains the most popular nootropic in the entire world, with nearly 600 million cups of coffee being consumed in America alone, daily. Nootropics are any drug or cognitive enhancer that increases brain activity and cognitive function, and in the case of coffee, the nootropic is caffeine! Because caffeine is such a powerful stimulant, and really can increase memory retention and brain activity, millions of people around the world use coffee daily as their stimulant of choice. Coffee essential oil, on the other hand, is actually one of the less-popular essential oils around the world. This is not to say it’s ineffective, or unworthy of our praise, it’s just much more common for someone to drink a cup of Joe than it is for someone to get a massage using coffee oils. In spite of its lack of popularity Roasted Coffee essential oil can be effective in remedying the symptoms of anxiety and depression, can relieve muscle tension, as well as several other incredible things!

Roasted Coffee essential oil is one of a few different forms of essential oils that can derive from the Coffea arabica plant, which is one of the most sought-after plants on the planet. For obvious reasons, Coffea arabica is an incredibly valuable cash-crop, in a market valued at nearly $100 globally. The beans can be used to make coffee after being roasted (duh), but green coffee beans are also used to make Green Coffee extract, and Green Coffee essential oil, which both contain slightly different properties than Roasted Coffee extract. In addition, in order to actually extract the oils from roasted beans, one could choose to cold-press them, or gently heat them. Both methods are very effective, and leave you with a widely applicable essential oil for all walks of life.

Roasted Coffee essential, as mentioned above, is very commonly applied as a mood alterant, in that it can help to remedy the symptoms of anxiety and relinquish depression. This is thought to be the case because of its warm and welcoming aroma, particularly since the sensory association with the scent of coffee generally harbors a sense of calm and relaxation. In addition to its potential for mood alteration, Roasted Coffee essential oil can be used to improve respiratory health. It’s known to reduce inflammation in respiratory passageways, clear mucus from such membranes, and also can be known to prevent infection in that region of the body. Oddly enough, although caffeinated coffee is known to dehydrate your body, the essential oil form is not known to have the same effect. In fact, it’s actually known to reduce inflammation in the joints and relieve stiffness, both of which are common side effects of dehydration. Obviously, Roasted Coffee essential oil is not a substitute for drinking water, it can help to alleviate some of the lasting effects of letting yourself become dehydrated. Finally, Roasted Coffee essential oil is well-known as a digestive and carminative, in that it can both assist in the digestion of food and also assist in the removal of gases from the digestive tract in an efficient fashion.

No longer will you know coffee as just a beverage to help you make it through your Monday morning, you’ll be able to use it as an essential oil supplement, too! Starting very soon at, you’ll be able to get diffusers with Roasted Coffee essential oil in them, including being able to create your own blend with our Mix Your Mood diffuser!

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