Your Mood. Your Way.

Your Mood. Your Way.

August 11, 2017 1 Comment

Essential oils are a fascinating natural product that have a proven history of effectiveness for several different reasons, but there is definitely something to be said about their continued use over thousands of years.

At first, the people mixing and creating recipes of oils and plant matter were apothecaries and shaman, but nowadays there’s an abundance of people mixing on their own. In fact, there are many places online where aromatherapy recipes are explained for individual users to try. However, the major roadblock in this situation is cost. It’s simply too expensive to experiment on recipes for essential without a definitive answer on how they will work for you. Essential oils aren’t cheap, and some of them can only be purchased in bulk, which makes it even more difficult to muster up the courage to mix up a recipe in fear that it won’t work as you’d planned. That’s where we come in!                            

At Corked, it’s all about you, the user, and what you’re looking for in your aromatherapy experience. We get questions all the time from our customers wondering if they’re able to make their own recipes, since no other companies allow you to do so. Well, we have great news for you; we’ve taken the next step in customization to allow you the freedom to choose your own blend!

Corked is a United States based company, and all we have all of our essential oils in-house, not overseas. For that reason, we’ve been given the liberty to introduce our newest product, Mix Your Mood! Not only do we offer 5 unique blends of portable aromatherapy diffusers that are pre-made to promote specific moods, our Mix Your Mood product allows you to choose exactly what essential oils are put into your diffuser, so you know you’re getting a blend that fits your lifestyle! The best part about Mix Your Mood isn’t even the customization, it’s how easy the customization process is. All you have to do is pick 4 essential oils that sound great for you, and you’re all set. We’ll take care of the rest. Once your diffuser arrives to you, your desired mood is just a few puffs away!

The Mix Your Mood product page makes it extremely easy to choose a blend that works great for you, as we provide a brief explanation of each of the possible oils for you to choose from. In addition, each oil is in a parent category based on how they can affect mood, so you can accurately determine what oils will be right for your desired mood.

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