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Corked Oil Diffusers will typically last anywhere from 250-300 breaths. All prices are reflected in USD. Please contact your physician prior to use.

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mix of the month

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As the fire slowly starts to die out and the twilight encompasses the earth in its blanket of frost we still have a little heat to cling to by the fireside. Once this frost has been uncovered we will need this heat to start up the passionate fire that burns within us all once again. We wanted to come up with a blend this month that would help to rekindle the fire in our hearts after a goal has been accomplished and we must open a new chapter in our lives. Our embodiment of this feeling is, "Ember" which is a small kick to help restart your vigor for whatever you are beginning in life. With a citrusy spark of Lemon and Orange tied together with a spicy Cinnamon and Dill seed kick we hope this blend will help you to enter the new chapter of your life with a spark that will help you shine bright under this twilight cover.

Cinnamon Leaf | used for thousands of years in the east for a wide range of complaints including colds, ’flu, digestive and menstrual problems.

Orange | Used for both nutrition and to assist with fighting and preventing bacterial and fungal infection.

Dill Seed | In the west and east it is used as a soothing digestive aid for indigestion, wind, colic etc. especially in children.

Lemon | Known as an astringent, brain tonic, and to fight infection and fever.

The Mix of the Month diffuser is a featured blend from one of our awesome Corked users from the previous month! Each month, there will be a new featured blend for anyone to try! These diffusers do not include B12, so if you'd like to have this same blend with B12, you can head over to the Mix Your Mood page and make one!

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