Corked was conceptualized through our own health consciousness. Aromatherapy and the use of oils for healing has been practiced in many different cultures for centuries. So, through our passion for natural healing, Corked became more than just a lifestyle, it became our life’s mission!

Where we started.

Having come from a family that believes strongly in taking care of our bodies, essential oils have always played a vital role in our lives. Through years of practice, we had attained a much better understanding how oils complement one another, and had reached a point at which we began looking for new ways to attain the desired effects from the oils we had been using. This sparked many ideas, and we knew that finding alternate delivery options was something we were set on doing.

Where we are headed.

Our passion for health and for helping others has brought us to where we are now. Our mission is to inspire change through wellness in the mind, body and soul of each individual that joins the Corked family. We are excited to bring innovative blend variations and other products to the Corked lineup, as we invite retailers, spas, and other venues to partake in being a part of the Corked movement. From everyone at Corked, we would like to thank you for your support.

Feel free to browse our shop, or if you still have questions, email support@corked.com for any additional help.

Thank you from the Corked team!