How to Use Your Corked Natural

Corked Natural let's you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, anywhere, anytime. No Nicotine, No Tobacco, No Heating Elements, No Smoke, No Vape, Just pure essential oil!

step 1: drip your eos

drip your eos

Grab one of your cotton strips and the blend of essential oil that you plan on using with your Natural diffuser. Drip a few drops of the oil blend onto the cotton strip.

step 2: insert cotton

insert the cotton

Insert the cotton strip into the end of the Natural diffuser. The cotton insert will stick out a bit so you can easily remove the cotton strip to change oils. You can cut the cotton stip down so it doesn't stick out.

step 3: draw into the mouth

Step 4

Draw through the mouthpiece just like you would a traditional Corked diffuser! Draw into the mouth, and exhale out of the nose.